/pendant lamp
/master final project
/in collaboration with LOUIS POULSEN
/Dec, 2015 - May, 2016

DINAMICA is a pendant lamp,
born out of the idea of using light as material.

Another angle,
another lamp.

From day to night, from summer to winter, time is passing, light is changing, so is the lamp.

Inspired by the light artist James Turrell, Zeyu researched systematically on how to use light as material and on the interaction between light and materials. He followed the study by doing experiments. Then, instead of creating artistic objects,  he abstracted the most amazing experiments into one simple lamp, DINAMICA. The lamp, with a traditional outline at first glance, surprisingly transforms when you move around or, when the light changes.

“DINAMICA is not a static object, instead, it has dynamic in its form and surface, thanks to the ever-changing lighting condition and visual angle.”