/carpet beater
/with guglielmo brambilla
/Oct - Nov, 2015
/rattan, beechwood

“ Hopper is a carpet beater, reimagined to make people curious and to encourage them to reintroduce an old cleaning ritual.”

Design Story
The inspiration comes from a childhood memory, when the grandmother was hitting a sofa with a carpet beater, and the sound was echoing in the neighbourhood. It was a morning ritual, a good habit we are gradually losing. Today it is less poetic, carpet beaters have almost disappeared and appliances have replaced them.

We started with experiments to discover the possible forms & functions of rattan. The thin rattan can be very plastic to work on when it is wet, and once dried the shape keeps. It was full of fun. 

The challenge was to bend the thick rattan canes into a uniformed steady shape. We tried with cold water, boiling water, and finally find the steaming as the best process. We also developed a mould for uniformed shaping.
We had two months for the project but we have another project on hand. The time for hopper was actually quite short. But we succeeded to run all the processes and finished the project in time. The reason is that I am decisive on making decisions so we didn’t stuck on many options,  while Guglielmo is able to manage well many aspects and details in the process.